Hand-curated sponsorship, tailored to your brand.

For users, NPR One delivers a personalized, on-demand mix of audio across smartphones and emerging platforms. For brands, NPR One offers hand-curated sponsorship opportunities customized for your brand’s campaign themes.


Custom Channels

Align your brand with NPR and with quality, relevant NPR content. NPR will hand-curate a selection of audio stories that resonate with NPR One users and reflect the ideas of the sponsor’s campaign.

  • NPR staff will create a custom promo placement with sponsor logo, paired with a :15 audio promo written by our team to reflect the content of the custom channel
  • Sponsor will provide a branded 600×500 unit and copy for :15 sponsorship audio that will be played following the custom channel and give users an opportunity to interact with the sponsor’s brand


NPR One Across Platforms

With audio-synched interstitials, your brand can reach NPR One users across existing and emerging platforms, including Chromecast, Apple Watch, smartphones and connected cars. Sponsor provides:

  • 600×500 unit
  • Copy for :15 sponsorship audio


All NPR One creative must adhere to NPR Creative Content Guidelines.