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RAIN Announces New Podcast Business Summit, Presented with Support from NPR

This Summer, NPR, the leading podcast publisher in the U.S., will play a central role in the first ever Podcast Business Summit, presented by RAIN (Radio, Audio, Internet News). Dedicated to conversations for advertisers and publishers, the Summit will feature speakers from across the podcasting industry – publish, buy and sell sides leading conversations about how to get the most out of podcasting, the latest measurement advancements, trends and challenges in the industry, and more. 

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NPR News Head Talks Fact Based Reporting & Local Collaboration

Mike Oreskes on fact based reporting “You can’t understand this country’s politics unless you understand it at a local level,” NPR’s Senior Vice President of News Mike Oreskes told E.B. Moss in a recent interview about NPR’s local-national news strategy, fact based reporting, and how it benefited NPR’s coverage of the 2016 election and the new administration.

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Capturing Attention From the Distracted Mind of The Consumer

Super Bowl 51 Football SnapshotHundreds of millions of Americans will be watching Super Bowl 51 this Sunday – some for the football and some for the ads. Those Super Bowl commercials have become an annual American tradition, and among some circles, talked about more often than the actual game itself. Certainly a time when ad avoidance is of little concern.

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Sponsor Public Media

Whether you want to target key markets or build national awareness of your brand, sponsorship of PBS and NPR’s on air, online and mobile platforms can help you do it. The unique hybrid model of local stations and national networks means that public media rivals the reach of any national media brand and delivers information that matters to a local community. National Public Media can work with you to create a sponsorship package that leverages all that this dynamic platform has to offer.

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