NPR Mobile Specs


NPR Mobile & Tablet Adhesion Units

640×100, 2048×180 (landscape), 1536×180 (portrait)
  • GIF/JPG Size: 100KB
  • Custom rich media expandable creative may be created by NPM upon request. Please contact your account representative for details.
  • A close button will be visible on both the initial and expanded creative.



NPR News iPad/iPhone App

640×100 display, :15 audio with 600×500 display 
  • PNG/JPG Size: 100KB, 2x resolution
  • :15 audio recorded by NPR (with 600×500 display)
  • 3rd party tracking pixels accepted



:15 audio with 600×500 display
  • PNG/JPG Size: 100KB, 2x resolution
  • :15 audio recorded by NPR



NPR Audio Player

:15 audio with 640×100 display
  • PNG/JPG Size: 100KB, 2x resolution
  • :15 audio recorded by NPR


NPR Mobile In-story Banner

600×500 display 
  • PNG/JPG Size: 100KB, 2x resolution
  • 2.2 MB max file size for creative files
  • GIF/JPG Size: 65KB
  • HTML 5 Size: 150KB
  • Loops: 2
  • For GIFs, animation limit is 15 seconds, with max of 3 frames at 2 seconds each and 2 loops
  • Rich Media guidelines:
    • Limited to approved campaigns
    • Suggested format is soundless pre-video animation sequence, with a user click-initiated video offered at the end/stop of the animation sequence
    • Max :15 initial animation sequence, :30 user click-initiated video run
    • Pre-video animation sequence must be silent. If auto-play video exception is granted, the audio must be initiated by user-click
    • All content (audio and video) must comply with NPR creative content guidelines
    • Must include clearly marked close and mute controls
    • All creative will be tested by NPM prior to campaign launch





  • Typefaces should be large enough to read on a typical mobile display.
  • Creative should click-through to a mobile-optimized landing page.
  • No animation, audio or video is permitted in mobile banners with the exception of approved campaigns with in-story banners.
  • Creative should be designed at 2x resolution.