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From smart speakers and connected cars to smart phones, NPR One is powering listening in today’s on-demand world by creating a listening experience that is personalized and frictionless.

For sponsors, NPR One offers NPR’s most custom branding opportunities, an audience that’s grown 169% YOY, and access to scale across platforms with 30M weekly radio listeners, 43M monthly users and 12.3M monthly podcast users.

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Custom Sponsorship ProductsFrom brand names to brand stories, content alignment to content curation, NPR One offers dynamic, audio-first messaging formats that meet the varied needs of NPR sponsors and the preferences of NPR listeners.

Brand Soundscapes – New in 2017

Let your brand’s mission, values and voice take center stage with long-form – 90-second – audio creative across NPR One, NPR Podcast mid-rolls,, or across your brand’s owned channels and campaigns. Partner with National Public Media – a team with decades of experience in audio brand messaging – to craft your brand’s sound with Brand Soundscapes.


NPR One Sponsor

Kia Motors America

To support the release of the all-new Niro – Kia’s first-ever hybrid crossover – National Public Media worked with Kia to activate the NPR’s newest sponsorship offering, Brand Soundscapes. Kia’s Brand Soundscape are original audio stories featuring interviews with the makers of the Kia Niro sharing the craft behind the car. The interviews were featured across NPR One, NPR Podcasts and, and included voices from Kia’s design and strategy teams.

Kia’s 15-second audio interstitials on NPR One drove a strong 0.25% CTR, and Brand Soundscapes enhanced conversion even further.

More than 13% of listeners who heard a Kia Soundscape on NPR One clicked through to the automaker’s website.

And after placement in just two episodes of NPR’s Hidden Brain podcast, listener surveys revealed more positive perceptions of Kia’s design, versatility and environmental consciousness – all priority brand messages. Most critically, listeners were more likely to consider Kia the next time they were car shopping.

Hear one of Kia’s Brand Soundscapes now.

Podcast Halos

Podcast listening accounts for more than half of all content played in the NPR One app, with 2M monthly podcast listens, making it the perfect extension for your NPR Podcast. NPR One’s Podcast Halo units offer co-branded alignment and true engagement with an average 1.85% CTR.


NPR One Sponsor

Hyatt Place & Hyatt House

As part of a national, “You’ve Come Too Far to Settle Now” campaign celebrating the “unshakable drive” of modern business travelers, Hyatt Place and Hyatt House was a launch sponsor of How I Built This, an NPR podcast on business and entrepreneurship with nearly 29M downloads to date.

Their NPR campaign featured mid-roll and pre-roll in the first five episodes of the program (Sept-Oct 2016) and leveraged NPR’s cross-platform scale to extend their alignment and amplify engagement.

Hyatt’s NPR One custom campaign extensions included co-branded click-to-play episode promos served through NPR’s Podcast Halo units.

Hyatt saw strong performance on their Podcast Halos with a CTR as high as 5.42% for an episode featuring Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krueger – an all-time high for the unit – and averaged a 3.08% CTR across the five placements.

Custom Channels

Increase content alignment with co-branded channels of NPR stories curated around your campaign themes. In NPR One, the average CTR to start playing a Custom Channel is 1.49%, with an audio completion rate at more than 70% with sponsor promo cards reaching as high as 2.8% CTR.


Audio Interstitials

Add frequency to your campaign with NPR One Interstitials, which play every 5-10 minutes – that’s three Interstitials during an average user session, with an average CTR of 0.18%.


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