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Podcasts on the Rise

New research from Edison & IAB shows 65% of podcast users are more willing to consider purchasing products and services they learn about during a podcast. That’s just one reason that podcasts are a priority for brands today. Become the podcast expert in your company — review  the latest published studies from leaders in the podcast industry. 


NPR Sponsorship Podcast Primer 
This immersive Podcast 101 tool provides an overview of the podcast landscape and includes highlights about NPR podcasts, sponsorship opportunities and the impact for brands. 


The Infinite Dial 2016, Edison Research
A long-running series of studies on consumer adoption of digital media. This “report card” on digital audio and other digital media is based on a nationally representative telephone survey of Americans ages 12 and older.


The Podcast Consumer 2016, Edison Research & Triton Digital
Derived from the Infinite Dial 2016, this presentation offers data on podcast users in the U.S. – demographics, consumption, device usage, and other media behaviors – and includes insights from Edison’s Share of Ear study.


Podcast Industry Audience Ranking, Podtrac
The industry’s first side-by-side comparison of podcast publishers by audience size. Each month, the ranker measures more than 90% of all podcast publishers. NPR is number one on the list with a monthly unique podcast audience of 8.5 million.


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The Undisputed Leader

There’s a reason you think “public radio” when you think of podcasts. By far, NPR is the unrivaled podcast publisher—and we’re not the only ones who think so. NPR ranks number one on the Podtrac industry ranker and our podcasts dominate iTunes charts.


U.S. Unique Monthly Podcast Users


U.S. Unique Monthly Downloads & Streams

Incomparable Scale

NPR lets you reach beyond the podcast audience for a full 360 plan including broadcast, web, and mobile. In delivering audiences at scale and reaching educated, affluent consumers across platforms, NPR is unmatched by any other podcast publisher.


Weekly NPR Radio Listeners

More about On Air Sponsorship


Monthly Unique NPR.org Users

More about NPR.org Sponsorship

Uniquely Responsive Audience  

In addition to being affluent and educated, research also shows that NPR podcast users are taking action in response to sponsorship announcements with even more frequently than podcast listeners as a whole. 

As a result of hearing a sponsorship announcement in an NPR podcast:


visited a sponsor’s website
(compared to 45% of podcast users overall)


considered a new product or service 
(compared to 42% of podcast users overall)


gathered more information about a company or product 
(compared to 37% of podcast users overall)

NPR Podcast Listener Profile


Sources: NPR Podcast User Surveys, Spring 2016 compared to all podcast users from IAB-Edison Research Podcast Advertising Study, August 2016.


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The Next Big Hits

NPR podcasts don’t just top the charts: they take listeners on a journey– from behind the headlines of the top news stories, to the world of the unseen, and more. Our latest venture takes listeners into the minds of innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists with How I Built This. Host Guy Raz brings the founders of some of the world’s best known companies and brands to share their stories of triumphs, failures, serendipity and insight.



 Join the Ranks of the Elite

NPR podcast sponsorship delivers results for brands across industries, from startups to blue chips. With custom audio tailored to target audiences and unparalleled scale and reach, NPR is a must-buy for smart, innovative brands.


hold a more positive opinion of a company when they find out it supports NPR


pay more attention to NPR podcast sponsor messages than they do to ads in other media or places


have taken action in response to a sponsorship announcement in an NPR podcast

Source: NPR Podcast User Surveys, Spring 2016.



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