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Capturing Attention From the Distracted Mind of The Consumer

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All Things Considered Explores Failure & Resilience in Two New Series

Everyone has those pit-in-the-stomach moments. Sometimes, it helps when you can hear from someone who has been there and lived to tell about it. All Things Considered brings those conversations about pivotal, life-changing moments to listeners this spring in two series: NPR’s Been There, returning for a second installment, and Failure, a new series.

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Digiday Names NPR Player Best Brand Platform

digiday-award_evan2During a ceremony in New York on November 17, Digiday recognized the NPR Player and its sponsorship products as the industry’s leading digital tool for brand building and messaging. The NPR Player allows brands to extend their message in NPR’s digital audio platforms, including podcasts, NPR One and the mobile web.


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Sponsor Public Media

Whether you want to target key markets or build national awareness of your brand, sponsorship of PBS and NPR’s on air, online and mobile platforms can help you do it. The unique hybrid model of local stations and national networks means that public media rivals the reach of any national media brand and delivers information that matters to a local community. National Public Media can work with you to create a sponsorship package that leverages all that this dynamic platform has to offer.

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