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NPR Now Available on Apple Homepod: “Hey Siri, give me the news”

Let the unboxing begin: After months of anticipation about when people could get their hands on an Apple HomePod, the latest voice assistant speaker is hitting doorsteps and checkout counters today. What’s more: “When you say ‘Hey Siri, give me the news’ to your iOS device, Siri will now immediately begin playing a daily news update from a popular news podcast — NPR by default in the United States,” Arstechnica reported.

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Voice Activation Trends from CES

Voice activation is going everywhere. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this month, tech and media companies showcased the many ways they’re making the voice activation technology found in smart speakers accessible anywhere. Check out some of the voice activation trends we saw at CES. 

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Artificial Intelligence Brings New Opportunities to Marketing, Branding and Advertising

Artificial Intelligence

In 1983, NPR aired its first mention of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) on The Science Report, a then segment on All Things Considered. Since then, Artificial Intelligence has been the topic of 500+ NPR radio segments, online news articles and podcast episodes covering the latest advancements and this technology’s widespread impact on everything from space exploration to national security and, of course, day-to-day life. Today, 35 years since that first radio story, Crockett’s vision of Artificial Intelligence doesn’t seem quite too futuristic. In fact, much of it is quite standard. The new iPhone X has built-in facial recognition technology, and we can speak more conversationally with our home appliances by the day. This shift has huge implications for brands and publishers both in how they connect with their audiences and how they do their jobs.

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New Data: One-in-Six Americans Now Owns a Smart Speaker

Released today, new Smart Audio Report data from NPR and Edison Research confirms the impact the 2017 holiday season had on smart speaker ownership in the U.S. and the continued impact on user behavior. 

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Whether you want to target key markets or build national awareness of your brand, sponsorship of PBS and NPR’s on air, online and mobile platforms can help you do it. The unique hybrid model of local stations and national networks means that public media rivals the reach of any national media brand and delivers information that matters to a local community. National Public Media can work with you to create a sponsorship package that leverages all that this dynamic platform has to offer.

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