Desktop, mobile, and tablet showing Brand Soundscapes


You already have a great story. Partner with National Public Media to tell it with top-notch audio. New in 2016, Brand Soundscapes showcase your brand’s mission, values, or success stories like never before across NPR’s digital platforms – and beyond.  

A Collaborative Process



It’s Your Story. Share It With The World.

Once completed, NPM tailors your audio to be shared in custom-designed sponsorship units across all of NPR’s digital platforms where tens of millions of users go for unparalleled storytelling, news and music. But that’s just the beginning. You keep your Brand Soundscape audio to share across your brand channels and marketing initiatives.





Share Your Story Across NPR Digital


NPR Player

The NPR Player is fully responsive and persistent, bringing audio to the forefront of the NPR.org user experience and named “Best Brand Platform” in the 2016 Digiday Publisher Awards. Custom audio/visual promos invite users to listen to your Brand Soundscape. Dynamic, sponsor-branded visuals animate the Brand Soundscape




Custom promos invite users to hear your Brand Soundscape as they listen to a personalized, on-demand mix of audio in the NPR One app. NPR One is listed as one of the “Best Apps of 2016” by the New York Times, Time Magazine and other publications



Story Center Stage

A customized, fully responsive canvas for your brand, Story Center Stage is intelligently embedded into NPR.org story pages to maximize user engagement.




Podcast Mid-Roll

NPR is consistently the #1 podcast publisher in America, with 7 of the top 10 podcasts and 9.2 million highly-engaged monthly listeners. Mid-roll Soundscape incorporates audio from your Brand Soundscape into a :30 mid-roll which can be featured across NPR titles. Learn more about NPR podcasts.