NPR’s New Player Boosts Performance for Brands is featuring a new HTML 5 Audio Player, which debuted last month to industry acclaim for its fresh design and “versatile listening” experience. Initial findings show that the redesigned Player boosts performance for brands, delivering...

npr's tiny desk contest on empire

Public Radio Goes Prime-time, For a Night

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert made a special appearance on FOX’s hit music drama Empire on March 30.

NPR Music showcase at SXSW

NPR Music Showcase at SXSW

The NPR Music Showcase at SXSW drew upwards of 2,000 avid music lovers to Stubb’s BBQ. Kicking off the Music portion of SXSW, the genre-blending lineup tapped established artists and others on the rise, including Vince Staples, Margo...

PBS Ranks #1 in Public Trust

Results from a nationwide study* brought returning wins, most notably that PBS ranks #1 in public trust for the 13th year in a row.

Michel Martin ‘Goes There’ in Interview with Lady Gaga

Michel Martin, weekend host of NPR’s All Things Considered, left nothing off of the table in her interview with Lady Gaga, Grammy-winning artist. 

Do-It-Yourself Public Media Sponsorship

Interested in designing a small paid media campaign for your business? National Public Media is now offering a way for brands to book NPR and PBS sponsorship campaigns themselves.

Jam to NPR’s 360-Degree Tiny Desk Concert

What’s groovier than watching Tiny Desk Concerts in real time? Catching them on 360-degree video.

Political Ad Spending Expected to Break $11.4 Billion

This election, political ad spending is expected to break $11.4 billion. Don’t Get Tuned Out. Be Heard on NPR and PBS. 

NPR’s Embedded Podcast Goes Beyond the Headlines

Have you ever listened to a news story and craved more? Wondered what the interview subjects were feeling? What about the story behind the story? Prepare to dive deep. NPR’s Embedded podcast launches March 31, and fans of...

“Downton Abbey” Finale: What’s Next for PBS?

When PBS aired the Downton Abbey finale on Sunday, an average audience of 9.6 million viewers tuned in, making it the most-watched finale of the show’s six seasons. But the buzz that the Downton Abbey finale generated is only just...