The New York Times Magazine Highlights Terry Gross

October 2015 Celebrating Terry Gross’ 40 years as the host of Fresh Air, Susan Burton crafted a feature for The New York Times Magazine in homage of the NPR and WHYY interviewer and host. Burton masterfully...

Downton Abbey’s Final Season Approaches

October 2015 The enthralling PBS drama series surrounding the English country estate returns in January for Season 6 – the program’s final run.  

NPR in Apple News

September 2015 NPR wants to be there, wherever and whenever users want to engage. Now, users can find NPR stories in  newly launched Apple News on iPhone and iPad — and NPR sponsors have the...

TED Radio Hour Dominates Podcast Downloads

July 2015 With 13 million downloads in July, the TED Radio Hour podcast now accounts for more than 1 in 6 of all NPR podcast downloads. On a per-episode basis, TED Radio Hour has been the...

Launch Opportunity: Hidden Brain Podcast

July 2015 We’re excited to announce that Hidden Brain will launch as a weekly podcast in September 2015. Hidden Brain links brain science and insights from the arts to create a thought-provoking experience for listeners –...

Kim Kardashian on Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

June 2015 After she “broke the Internet,” the infamous Kim Kardashian took on her next greatest challenge: playing “Not My Job” on Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!.

Did You Know? /podcast stats

June 2015 78% of NPR podcast users listen within 48 hours of downloading a podcast, according to a recent study by Edison Research. Additionally, 93% NPR podcast users typically consume most or all of a...

H/T: G, The Wiz

June 2015 We always appreciate an NPR shout-out. Hat tip to Canadian rapper G. Wiz for mentioning NPR in his new single, “Girls.”

NPR at the Peabody Awards

  June 2015 Did this Fred Armisen-led dance party encourage you to check out the broadcast of the Peabody Awards? NPR News and Latino USA were among the creatives and newsmakers recognized for excellence.

Tiny Desk, Big Sound

May 2015 “NPR’s mini concert series sees huge success” From Hozier to Lyle Lovett to T-Pain, major music players and rising artists alike have shared the mic of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series. These intimate...